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WordPress.com now allowing themes and plug-ins by third-parties

The immense popularity of WordPress.com diffused ever since users are able to customize their websites to a remarkable degree. The platform exhibits countless numbers of themes and plugins for writers to choose from; however, the choices were limited in the past for web hosting.

WordPress.com had imposed restrictions against the usage of themes and plugins designed by third parties.

All those restrictions have now become void as business accounts on WordPress.com will be able to install widgets and plug-ins designed by third parties.

The decision is likely to result in significant outcomes as there are tools like the Yoast, which is extremely useful for writing contents; and yes, SEO Yoast is another third party plug-in.

Themes by third-parties

Business users now have the option to purchase a theme from ThemeForest to install it into their WordPress account later.

Risks involved in third party themes and plugins

A poorly constructed plugin or template by a third party may lead to severe consequences, especially if it acts as a medium for hackers. Even updates will fail to secure a website if there are bugs left intentionally by its designer.

It seems to me that Automattic has found a solution to secure WordPress accounts from outsiders; hence, the decision for enabling third party themes and plug-ins finally came into play.

However, only the most expensive businesses can afford it

The latest decision is not applicable to everyone, but only for highly expensive Businesses that pay $21 a month. If this sounds too expensive, you can consider Wix for $12/month for a shared hosting on WordPress.com.

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