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Master the CMS that powers a quarter of the world’s websites.

In the world of tech, tools can come and go, but WordPress has stuck around as a platform utilized by individuals and businesses alike: with this Pay What You Want: 2017 WordPress Hero Bundle, you’ll master the ins and outs through seven immersive courses. 

One of the best aspects of WordPress is that it makes the entry-point to developing your own website low. It’s a program allows you to quickly and seamlessly build professional-looking sites, and with these seven courses, you’ll do just that. 

From creating an optimized e-commerce website, developing plug-ins from scratch and even creating a responsive, custom website for a client, you’ll learn how to apply WordPress to a whole myriad of uses. 

Name the price you want, and you’ll get the last course in the bundle. Beat the average price, and you’ll get all seven courses of the Pay What You Want: 2017 WordPress Hero Bundle

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